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What's Your Shelf Life?

On a regular basis, we are asked the question about the shelf life of our products.  This page will explain in depth the shelf life of our products, both before and after opening the bags, and the best way to maintain a long shelf life of our products.

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What Is Freeze Drying?

Freeze-drying is a special form of drying that removes all moisture and tends to have less of an effect on a food's taste than normal dehydration does. And you will not lose all of the nutritional value.

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Why Freeze Dried Foods?

Freeze-dried foods possess superior quality as compared with food dehydrated by other methods. The high quality is due to the absence of a liquid phase, as well as the low temperature of the process.

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Our Freeze Drying Process

We have all the required approvals, work only in a commercial kitchen, and handle ALL of our foods the correct way with the correct protective gear - and we sterilize each piece of equipment after each run as required by law (and common sense).

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