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Our Freeze Drying Process

Stop paying high prices for small serving, pre-made packs that contain a TON of preservatives and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

Also, don't trust your food safety to a "mom & pop" part-timer doing this in his or her garage or family room to make a few extra dollars on the side. With the availability of home freeze drying equipment, for a few dollars, anyone can be in the freeze dry business. But that doesn't mean they know anything about the commercial food business, food preparation, food safety or food handling basics.

If you take a chance on something freeze dried and sold elsewhere, you do so at your own risk.  How do you know that the freeze dried food you are purchasing was handled safely? Has it been freeze dried completely all the way through? Was is stored properly at the correct temperature prior to freeze drying? Was there any cross contamination? Was it freeze dried properly with the correct handling procedures and sterilization techniques? Was it packaged correctly? The truth is, you don't know, because all you see is the packaging and some pictures of product that could be from anywhere.

Do you really want to take a chance at getting sick during a disaster or on your next camping trip because you bought freeze dried food from someone playing around in his or her spare time? Were there any PH tests done to determine product stability? Were there accelerated shelf life tests done by an accredited lab to insure a long life? Were samples sent out for food-born pathogen testing? And most importantly, was it purchased, stored at the correct temperature, inspected, freeze dried and packaged at an approved commercial facility? FDA, the USDA and local health departments will NOT approve home kitchens (or garages) for commercial use.

How do you know that the home fridge was cold enough to store it safely or that it wasn't holding something for the family pet at the same time that may have come in contact with the product you are purchasing? Are there any sick kids in the house that are in and out of the same fridge? Was anyone sick and in the same room as the food when it was out? Was the counter sterile and were gloves and hairnets worn when handling the product? Was food safety even thought of at all - or was profit the only consideration?

We have all the required approvals, work only in a commercial kitchen, and handle ALL of our foods the correct way with the correct protective gear - and we sterilize each piece of equipment after each run as required by law (and common sense).

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