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About Freeze Dry Wholesalers

Freeze Dry Wholesalers, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Colorado Prime Farms, LLC and a US Government/Military Defense Contractor, for the first time ever is finally able to make our full line of US farmed, locally sourced and ethically raised/grown bulk-packed Freeze Dried Foods available to the general public. 

Designed for long term storage, yet affordable enough for every day use, you will find a selection of freeze dried foods with us that has not been match by any other company or commercial provider in the history of our industry. 75% of our products are not even available anywhere else except through us.

You no longer have to pay retail for single serving or small retail-packed freeze dried foods. And you no longer have to worry about what kinds of chemicals or additives are in your pre-packed freeze dried food.  Pay less by buying a bulk package, which allows you to open and remove what you want to use for this meal, trip or outing, then seal the pack and save the rest for future use.

Although packaged for an extremely long shelf life in an impermeable resealable USDA/FDA approved Mylar bag with an food grade oxygen absorbers and a moisture absorbers/desiccant, providing an unopened shelf life in most cases measured in decades, not months or years, our healthy line of wholesome and minimally processed foods are designed for and are affordable enough for every day use. 

Not just for hiking, biking, camping or emergency preparedness anymore; you can now have a nutritious, healthy and great tasting snack or meal anywhere or anytime, all without the need for refrigeration or having to carry a heavy cooler around with ice. Perfect for all kinds of specialized diets (keto, paleo, Atkins, etc.) or certain dietary requirements (food allergies, celiac, gluten intolerance, etc.) as well!

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